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Foster Kittens: Welcome

When working cat colonies in over a dozen cities, we come across a lot of kittens til the colony is stabilized through humane trap-neuter-return. OTNR does not have a foster or adoption program for kittens to find indoor homes so we rely heavily on local rescues to assist us with taking the kittens. 

Fosters are vital to saving the lives of kittens born on the streets. Sometimes these kittens can be sick or injured which requires them to be quarantined from other family pets for 2-3 weeks which simply means kept in a large bathroom or bedroom away from other pets - in these cases they may require daily antibiotics or eye ointment. Oftentimes they are fairly healthy and just need basic care along with a little love, a soft place to sleep, and playtime. When fostering kittens, rescues require they be fostered til adopted or placed on transport to be adopted out of state. When committing to fostering, they count on your commitment because there’s no other place for the kittens to go. You are literally saving them. 

Most of our rescue partners supply everything needed to foster, all of them cover medical care and network for adoption with your help, of course. They require you to take the kittens to their partnering vet when they need care, routine vaccines or spay/neuter surgery as well as adoption events or meet and greets with families interested in adopting. 

One of the big bonuses to fostering is it’s not a lifetime commitment unless you “foster fail” which simply means you chose one you want to adopt. That’s the great part of fostering, you get first pick of the litter!

If you are interested in fostering OTNR kittens for our rescue partners, please fill out our form below and select the options provided: 

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