What is a barn cat? 

Barn cats are outdoor cats that typically are unsocialized or feral. Barn cats are admired for their beauty and are also working cats. Outsiders TNR rescues unsocialized cats from local city shelters that tend to have no outlet for unsocialized cats other than euthanasia. Some cats stay feral and some become friendly as they enjoy being out of the shelter.

Why adopt a barn cat? 

When you adopt a barn cat you are saving it’s life. Typically barn cats become displaced from their current situation and end up in overcrowded shelters with no chance at making it out. Also, barn cats have purpose—they are chemical-free all natural rodent control. Rodents can chew on wiring in vehicles and homes, destroy stored valuables, contaminate livestock feed and move indoors when the weather gets cold. A barn cat will greatly decrease the pest population and essentially saving you money!

How to acclimate a barn cat?

Barn cats must be acclimated in an enclosed area for 3 weeks. When cats are displaced they try to roam back home and oftentimes get killed in the process. To ensure a successful relocation, barn cats should have fresh food, water, a hiding place and a litter box for 3 weeks. Outsiders TNR assists with the essential set up if you don’t have an escape-proof barn, tack room, shop, shed or garage. After 3 weeks, the barn cat can be let out of its enclosure but you must continue to provide fresh food and water in your barn cats new home.


Will my barn cat be fixed if adopted from Outsiders TNR?

Yes! We spay/neuter and vaccinate all barn cats that pass through our Barn Cat Program!

What if I have to move?

If you adopted a Barn Cat from us, you MUST contact us prior to moving. We can come trap the cat and help you bring it with you. If you didn’t adopt the barn cat from us, you can contact us for assistance in trapping to bring the cat with you.